Which Rope is right for me?

After jumping for over 2 years my team and I have a good understanding of all the pros and cons of each type of rope. We've used all different sizes and all kinds of ropes from many different manufacturers around the world. So heres a complete breakdown for you!




  • Our beaded ropes are made from a hard plastic (PP) known as polypropylene for both the beads and the handles.


  • Our Speed ropes are made from a nylon cord wrapped in PVC


Both ropes utilise the same polypropylene handles

Winner: Its a tie on Materials!



  • Our beaded ropes have many different combinations and styles allowing for greater variation in colour! Change of handles & bead order give you millions of different combinations!


  • Currently we only stock one colour of speed rope. However don't stress! We will be stocking more colorways in the near future!

Winner: Beaded



  • Beaded ropes by name have segmented beads that surround the nylon cord. In this case the entire cord is slightly heavier than our current speed ropes allowing for complete control in the air


  • Our Speed ropes are 3.8mm thick and also have a nylon core. These ropes are perfect for boxers and those looking to up their speed

Winner: Its a tie - Both ropes perform well - they are great for both freestyle routines and starting to work on speed jumping. The licorice rope is certainly sleeker, but some people prefer the beaded rope because it’s easier to feel the rhythm of your jump.



  • Premium beads protect inner nylon cord. Ability to jump on any surface! Beads may chip overtime and spares may have to be cycled through but your beaded rope will last you many years. Heck I still even have some of my originals!


  • If you’re jumping on concrete, speed ropes will experience some wear and tear. The handles will last forever, but you may have to replace the PVC every few years.

Winner: Beaded



  • Our beaded ropes are adjusted through the continual removal of beads, and chopping off the end of the nylon cord that is no longer needed


  • Our speed ropes have a quick snap lock system allowing you to easily adjust size

Winner: Speed Rope


Ultimately both ropes will serve you well and it comes down to personal preference! You can't go wrong. If you've never jumped before, any rope you pickup is a jump in the right direction! If you are more into fitness, I'd recommend a speed rope, but hey if you are still undecided and are unsure, get the best of both worlds with a speed and beaded combo!