How To Jump Rope Like a Boxer

How To Jump Rope Like a Boxer

Step 1 - Find YOUR Rhythm
Start without a rope. Shift the weight of your feet from one side to the other and at the same time bend your knees slightly. Get a good feel for this balance and learn to tap your opposite foot against the floor very lightly each shift.
Step 2 - Add In The Rope
Now you can try it with a rope. Key Tip.....START SLOWLY. Only do one side at the time and pause after that. If you mastered one side start combining both sides and increase your tempo. What you can do slow, you can do fast!
Step 3 - Alter The Tempo
It will take you some time to obtain the jump flow without hitting the rope into your feet. Once you have unlocked the basic boxer skip, its time to play around with the footwork tempo. Try bouncing 2 times on the left side before shifting back to the right side. Being able to continually shift your weight at random intervals will make you look like a boxer with ease!

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