How long should my ropes be?

One of the main reasons people struggle to learn how to jump rope is using a rope that is either too long or too short for them. Your rope size is highly important and highly individual due to your own different biomechanics.

If you are currently struggling jumping your current rope by either tripping on it or giving yourself a haircut. First, Check your form!

1. Longer ropes tend to drag along the ground in front of you the result being your hands slowly drifting outwards from your hips to compensate

2. Shorter ropes tend to hit you in the head as you struggle to create clearance


Here’s 2 simple ways to quickly size your rope!


If you're a beginner, take your height and add 3ft / 92cm. If you're more advanced, add 2ft / 61cm. Then round up or down to the nearest size.



Stand on the centre of the rope with one foot and hold the handles against your body pointing them away from you. If you're a beginner, the rope should come up to the bottom of your chest (not including the handle)

If you're more advanced, the rope should come up to your belly button (not including the handle). This length is known as the "dagger length", we believe this to be the best length for intermediates to advanced jumpers interested in all styles of jumprope. 



  • Rope length does not include the length of the handles

  • All our ropes are fully adjustable

  • Shorter ropes are recommended for mic releases

  • Longer ropes are recommended for wraps

  • Beaded ropes can utilise different lengths of "bead gaps" the gap between your last bead and the handle. For beginners we recommend a 2 Inch bead gap
  • Do Not Cut Your Rope Too Short! We recommend testing your rope out before making final adjustments!